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“Time for a triple tax bypass to get hospital doctors off the critical list” - John Ralfe, Sunday Times Money, 10/03/2019
“Our tax system makes it worthwhile for consultants to quit. Three changes will stem the flow”

“Understanding their pensions does MPs no favours” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 05/03/2019
"Understating annual pension costs and pretending the deficit is a surplus plays right into the “snouts-in-the-trough” view of MPs"

Letter to Matt Hancock MP on reforming pension tax for doctors - John Ralfe, Letter, 26/02/2019
"Forgive me for writing out-of-the-blue, but I would like to propose some practical reforms to the tax rules on pensions for doctors"

“UK doctors have good pensions despite tax rise” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 11/02/2019
"Doctors should look at their end-to-end return they receive on their own pension contribution, including extra tax paid"

“Royal Mail workers should see red over CDC pension plan” - John Ralfe, Financial Times, 21/01/2019
"CDC may have some (modest) benefits versus DC pensions, but unless the structural flaws are sorted it will fail and the only winners will be lawyers bringing mis-selling claims"