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“It’s time MPs joined the real world of pensions” - John Ralfe, Times Business Comment, 12/03/2020
"The actuarial value of MPs’ pension liabilities is entirely made up"

“Flat-rate tax relief would encourage pension saving” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 29/02/2020

BAE to halve pension deficit with £1bn injection - Peggy Hollinger, Financial Times, 20/02/2020
"BAE is doing the right thing by reducing the recovery period, with a £1bn one-off contribution ” said John Ralfe

Northern rail franchise to be nationalised, says UK government - Tanya Powley and Jim Pickard , Financial Times, 30/01/2020
"John Ralfe said the government should be “honest about the hidden cost” of nationalising Northern, because of its pension scheme deficit".

“How to reform pensions tax relief” - John Ralfe, Times Money, 25/01/2020
“Flat-rate pension tax top-up is fair, efficient and means many of the existing rules can be scrapped”